Digital Marketing Solutions for Dentist and Doctors

The advantages in digital marketing are all based around our opening to be selective and specific in regards to who will see our site and what keywords will trigger our site to show up in the rankings. Perhaps the greatest blunders that we see is doctors acquiring SEO or PPC, without a larger strategy as to what kinds of cases we need to pull in and what sorts of inquiries those people are making.

What SEO Can Do for You?

Web crawlers use metadata which is what is shown on your search engine results page. Metadata is a summary of what the page content comprises of. By optimizing metadata, it enables us to target specific treatments to specific locations. Adjusting these components will lead to increased rankings and visibility across all search engines.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve to give the ultimate user experience basically leading to quality patient conversions. We start with an SEO quality control check to make sure your dentist website is in accordance with internet searcher norms. Using ongoing analytic data permits us to assess and optimize, and stay on the cutting edge of industry trends.

The Purpose Of PPC

Call to Action – CTA, is the language that tells the searcher what to do – in other words, giving them a reason to click

Goal: Lead Generation

Process –

• A compelling headline
• Relevant keywords
• A relevant display URL with landing page
• A call to action