Online marketing ideas for travel booking engine

How to find the best travel software development company in United States & Canada?

Are you looking for a best in class travel booking portal, an engaging travel mobile app or travel industry software, it takes a right travel portal company to make it happen. Travel tech, being a little complex domain, you may find a few but professional travel tech companies working on idea centric travel applications.

In most cases, the question is how to find the best travel booking software developer / how to choose and rate developers although, which can do a turn around project for you.


Select a Good Booking Software development company

This article presents you with tips and guidelines on how to select a top travel software development company for custom travel portal project. To pick one of the top travel portal companies or top app development companies, you need to be able to trust them. For that, you need the data and information which you can review and analyze.

Build a list of developers with online booking software skills

Once you get a list, you need to understand that you don’t need just any travel tech company that provides off the shelf and nothing more. You need a software developer company that can build travel software based on converting your needs into business-led functionalities.

Choose An Agile Software Development Company

The best travel software companies scale and adjust to a business growth and evolution. Such travel software development will implement incremental changes without negotiating, which is why you need to select a software provider that uses the Agile methodology.


Stay Away from Cheapest Offers

Sometimes, the cheapest things are the most expensive. Therefore, try not to pick the least expensive software development company. They should always be evaluated on merit with pricing as a parameter, not pricing as the only parameter


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Select a company with passion to invent

Business needs booking software company that seeks continually to enhance the development process and willing to explore and to invent. Such a company will appreciate reviewing meetings and will make a point out of them understanding your expectations and you understanding their expectations.

Look for a company with travel business expertise

You want to focus on core business and thus you need a travel technology provider that can build custom software that integrates into your business and allows you to meet your proposed business goals. It is very important that you work with a developer that understands the travel business well.

Review the code quality

Top travel technology company will ensure the program code is not buggy. It develops a software solution which is not resource hungry, simple and easy feature updates should be possible and the code must be as lean as possible.

Booking engine delivery and deployment time

A travel booking software development firm sticking to deadlines is a worthy partner to work with. Undoubtedly, it is very important that your software package is delivered on-time so that your employees find enough time to test it and report any bugs.

More over, you can have a one on one call / chat to understand more about company. Pay attention to the challenges they faced with the projects and how they resolved it.

Content that gives an ultimate user experience.

Concentrate on the micro moments like, what is the occasion, what is the budget, best destination for couples, family getaways, how to books and of-course the most important reviews and ratings for the places, feed backs from your customers.

Understanding that these are important moments in the customer journey will help you to market and be present when your customer most desires you to be.

Social Media Marketing can be the most cost effective platform for travel booking engine

Plan Your Facebook Strategy for minimum 6 months. Use Facebook Insights to track, manage and alter your strategy in line with your goals. You need to put regular efforts on Facebook Fan page to keep users engaged, by some quiz, some perks on sharing posts, and QnAs.

Use Twitter to post questions related to travel tips, places nearby your destinations, hat to carry and what not, travel guides etc.

Promote your brand on other Google travel.

Use Instagram to share lovely travel photos with travelers and connect your account with Facebook and Twitter.

Use Pinterest for Niche targeted audience

Old is Gold – Email Marketing always works

Email ids of prospective clients is one of your most valuable assets. As per latest surveys, Email marketing campaigns drives more conversions than social and search. A good mobile newsletter will drive traffic to your website, encourage social shares and generate leads from your targeted audiences.

Occasional marketing should be made a habit for branding of your packages and services to existing and prospective clients.

This helps keep them updated about your services and travel packages.

Continue with Google Adwords & re-targeting

The Google Display Network (GDN) is made up of 2 million+ sites, apps, and videos that reach wide range of users—90% of everyone in the world on the web—that your target audiences are pretty much limitless.

If people don’t convert on their first visit, re-targeting on Google display network helps your business to drive prospective customers back to your site and make them to connect or buy on their second, third, fourth, etc.

What benefit you get from Google Adwords and re-targeting?

  • Broad Reach
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • Reporting

Go viral with videos

Survey says videos get more hits and shares than a post. Share your travel videos, unique destinations packages in form of videos and make people re-share it on social media.

Digital Marketing is like an ocean. The more you dig in, more you will discover. So ultimately everything depends on your marketing budget, which should be wisely planned.

Note: What is unique sells. Cost factor is also important but that should not be your business x factor. As competitors too can reduce cost to your packages. But to what limits?