How to Outrank Big Companies When You Have No SEO Budget

It is an ideal time on the internet because the demand is everywhere in the online market. Businesspersons are finding it as an opportunity to advertise their products and target more and more audience. This is an ideal strategy for website owners to publish their content and advertise accordingly.

Now, if you are thinking that it is going to be an easy-peasy job for you and all you have to do is to expand your business online then my friend, you don’t know how congested today’s online market is. It is a great opportunity as well as a great place to show skills so business players find it the perfect option to marketize their business strategy. And hard news is, new players are making their steps at a high rate.


One of the traditional yet very latest technique is SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps to achieve a higher rank to your website, business, and content. It is an ideal strategy and proper implementation to make your brand successfully online. Higher rank directly leads to increased visibility and that means your content will get more views of customers. This is how SEO strategy attracts the customer’s attention.

The higher the rank, the more profit it will be. So, SEO implementation serves the right business purpose. But keep in mind that it requires a great amount of capital. That means you have to invest a lump-sum amount apart from the business investment.

Now, if you think that it is getting a burden to you to spend the budget on SEO then you may face some hard times online. But don’t worry because you will get to know how to outrank big companies even if you don’t have the budget of an SEO. Read the article till the end.

Strategies to follow when you have no budget for SEO

If you are worrying quite a lot that your business may fail online if you don’t spend a high amount on SEO then here are some points stated for you where you can race ahead in the competition. If you can use the strategies properly, then outplaying the big companies will just be a matter of time.

1. Search for keywords

Keywords play a big role and it is everything for an SEO as well as marketing. Clients search by keywords and the websites which have the higher rank will always get higher views. If you are not hiring an SEO then there is no meaning of targeting the common keywords because big organizations have already done that.

All you can do is to target the keywords that are uncommon or organizations are unwilling to compete with, or hasn’t been selected as a target keyword yet. Here is the keyword guide you should choose for.


Long-tail keywords – organizations focus on keywords but it is possible that they haven’t focus on the expanded version of that keyword. So, it is possible that you may come up with a great article of long-tail keywords with having a high rank. An example can set it straight – when you search with a keyword like “New Jersey tour guide” then you will see many web contents are already there. But if you search with a keyword like “best grocery shopping stores in New Jersey” then you will find not so many contents there.

So, if you can come up with great content regarding long-tail keywords then chances are high that it will stay on top rank by thrashing the competition with a hard-blow.

Comparison keywords – your website is a small website because it doesn’t have the views and the content may not be sufficient enough. Plus, you don’t have the SEO agency for your online business. Now, one thing you can do is to have some contents written on comparison keywords.

If you start writing on comparison keywords or do compare between several products and segments then chances are high that your website will see the light of success instead of not having an SEO agency.

Editorial keywords – look for the editorial keywords and then you can start developing content on it. But one thing to remember that try to rank constructions or visiting places. Try to give ratings because that will reflect uniqueness on your business. That means people will be more interested in reading the ratings and reviews because big organizations tend to avoid it because they are in business with the websites.

Always look for the editorial keyword ones which the large businesses are strictly against. If you can come up with some contents on it and promote it in your own way then without any doubt users will love to read. You will get views and it will be ranked higher without having the help of an SEO expert.

2. Try to focus on some detailed niche

If you try to look for a content where you can find informative things then it is absolutely the thing of what the visitors want. But if you can come up with great web content then you may go a bit more specific.

Such as, you will find many contents regarding products and list of the products to buy in a particular segment. That content is good as it helps to give audiences about an overall view. But if you write specifically about some particular niche then definitely you are going to get more views and higher rank.

Like, on the off chance that individuals search “top popular shirts in 2019” at that point certainly there will be numerous great substance accessible however in the event that individuals search “top in vogue shirts in 2019 with advantages and defects” at that point unquestionably group of spectators will confront the insufficiency of having less substance and on the off chance that you concoct an article on it, at that point certainly you will get high number of perspectives and top positioning without having an SEO organization.

3. Press more indirect content

If you see how SEO agencies work then you will notice that it works on main and major keywords mostly that are trendy and direct to users. These web contents are easy to monetize by an SEO agency.

So, you need to target the contents that are more indirect and tougher to optimize to get profit. Make sure to have some catchy title. This will definitely make your online content readable. Reader’s base will increase with time and your brand or website will be placed on top. Being a website owner, this can be done by you easily without taking any help from an SEO agency.

4. Make content with minute details

Now, if you are more interested in common and normal keywords and want to make content only on it then make sure to know that you have much bigger competition. Most of them will be big business players online and some may be doing it for a long time. In that case, you have to come up with an inch-perfect content.

Like, if your opponents have content with 7 or 8 points then you need to come up your content with 12 or 15 points. Make sure you provide more details and info than the competition. So that when users will see it, they will definitely know that it has more info than the competition.

5. Talking from direct mode

You can talk directly to the audience when you are working on a common keyword. If other organizations come up with a content that is written on a general topic or a business representative then you can come up with a content that is more directly to the business. It’s like you are talking on behalf of the organization.

Let’s see an example like “traveling experience in Thailand” as a normal and common keyword that has a high ranking. Now, if you write the same topic in the way like “I have traveled in Thailand before and it was a fascinating experience…” then chances are high that users will prefer more to read your article rather than the previous one.

You can follow this and implement this by yourself without the help of an SEO.

Here are some strategies stated above where you can make your own content and still get a high ranking by outplaying the other big companies. All of these efforts can be implemented by you all without an expensive SEO agency.

So, if you are really into achieving the higher rank in search engines then make sure to follow the points, execute abruptly and outplay the big players smartly.

Best of luck!